SSASA Talk Line

All principals in small schools are entitled to be on the SSASA Talk Line. The Talk Line is a closed talk line, which provides you with the opportunity to make contact with Principals across the State and through parts of Victoria.

Principals are encouraged to air issues, ask questions (no matter how seemingly unimportant and silly as they may seem), seek advice and promote small school collegiality.

If you are the principal or staff member of a small school and would like to join the Small Schools Association of South Australia (SSASA) Talk Line, then please send an email to Kellie Zadow ( with the following details:

  • Name
  • School
  • Position
  • Email



Note to Users: Remember, if you want to reply to everyone on the list you will need to hit REPLY ALL, and not just REPLY.

Updated: 29th March 2017

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