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School Leaders Conversation 31st March 2010 West Lakes

The CE, Deputy CEs, Regional Leaders and principals met to discuss a range of current educational issues. The format of the agenda provided participants with extended time to engage in discussion of these issues and to explore them in depth and from a variety of perspectives.  Read more...


Science & Mathematics Strategy - Action Learning Project - 2007 Final Report

Download Basket Range PS-Welcome To Our World Report


SSASA Small Schools Grant Paper

SSASA has supported the affected small schools who have had the $30 000 Small Schools grant withdrawn as result of recent Government cuts by... Read more...


L.O.T.E. Position Paper

This paper has been written in response to SSASA members' identification of LOTE as an area of concern at a significant number of sites. So much so, that whilst LOTE is one of the 8 areas of study in SACSA, many schools have chosen not to offer LOTE to their students. Unfortunately, many of the issues identified have, to varying degrees, existed as long as the teaching of LOTE itself, which in itself is a major concern.  Read More ...

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